The Mission:

Is to engage efficiently and responsibly in the manufacturing of garments, helping out clients achieve their goals in their respective markets along the way.

Our Services

Choose a Garment Type or Service. Save time and money by getting everything done in one go.


As some of you may know by now GCEI’s main specialty started with Swimwear way back in 2013. Our Swimwear are made in Solid colored Nylon Spandex blends or in Polyester Spandex for printed swimwear.


Getting the Activewear you need just got easier. Send us Sketches or Sample Images of your designs to get started. Now with a Recycled Activewear fabric option.

Vinyl Deco

Our Heat Transfer vinyl is highly flexible, it gives a soft touch and matte finish surface. It provides the most realistic imitation of leather, and it’s thin and soft to the hands compare to PVC. It’s durable, stretchable, and washable. it is best choice when it comes to the detailed designs because it works well for both finer designs and also layers for multi-color applications. it is compatible with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, Cotton/polyester blends, some spandex, and synthetic blends.


Print any artwork of choice. You can even buy by the roll! Create a range of Custom printed products and monetize the artwork you’ve created through the power and simplicity of print on demand. Inquire and Order your products today!

Why Choose Us


Everything starts with what you would like to achieve. Are you looking to make your brand and products better than your competitor’s? Are you looking for ways to generate sustainable growth ? Are you looking to provide your customers better fit and function with the clothes that you provide? There are a variety of solutions available, but the only ones worth considering are those that will achieve your goals in a cost-effective way.


At GCEI we focus on the products quality and on their impact on our clients and their customers. The most important factor for any garment solution company is their ability to provide high quality products in a given timeframe, and we want to use our expertise to deliver value to your brand by delivering value to your products.


Just like in your industry, those who don’t keep up will fall behind. That’s why we proactively keep on top of trends and changes in the constantly changing world of clothing.


We strive to provide excellent service to our clients in everything that we do, from conceptualizing your designs or your brands plans to continuously provide clothing in the long term. When any client or brand owner has a question and they don’t know how to progress in starting or to continue, or if there is a concern for pricing, or have a problem with the bill, we’ll be there to help.


We work to foster great relationships not only with our clients, but with other suppliers as well. Those relationships allow us to get better deals and better service for our clients.

About our Company

Georgina Clothing Enterprise Inc is a Philippines-based family owned and operated Garment Manufacturing company specializing in Swimwear, Activewear and Resortswear since it was first established in the year 2013.

The company came about when a manufacturer of undergarments closed down and moved operations to Cambodia, knowing that a few of our colleagues were gonna be displaced. Our founders had decided to start their own, hire them and have them keep their livelihood.

We like yourself started a brand and found that getting suppliers and sourcing of materials was close to impossible at the time for startups due the high costs of importation and thousands of minimums. We decided to open up our services to start ups and help.

We are 100% committed to quality with great value for money, from the sourcing of materials to how we process and assemble each final product.

Georgina – Founder