About Us

Our Production facility is where we make sought after swimwear here in the philippines

Our Mission

The objectives of this company is to engage efficiently and responsibly in the manufacturing of garments, helping out clients achieve their goals in their respective markets.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the leading and preferred producer of garments, preferably swimwear here in the Philippines and eventually in the Global Market.

Who we are and What's our Story

Initially we found out about this garment company that was closing down here in the Philippines and was planning to transfer to Cambodia, knowing that a considerable amount of Filipino workers would be displaced and would be losing their livelihood it was our heartfelt decision to start our own small enterprise to give back to them what they were so passionate about. Business never came easy to start with, but now, fast forward 7 years, seeing that the company grew, we knew that we made the right decision to invest in the right skilled employees that has worked with the garment industry for many years that we actually now consider as great friends, this made us capable of giving the best quality at a world class level.

We are now exporting goods to Korea, UK, and America. The day we started to ship abroad marked a very special day for us as a small garment factory. It was a big stepping stone for us,  it reassured us that Filipino made isn't just for fellow Filipinos. Filipino made can be for the whole world to use and enjoy.

Meet the Team

Our Management Team consists of highly motivated, self driven and creative individuals that have honed their skills thru the years gathering all the information that they can in their respective trade. We are a team that is all determined to lead the organization in achieving the Company's Vision with the help of working hand in hand with our European business adviser.


Georgina L.

President & General Manager


Paolo L.

Sales & Marketing Assistant


Vincenzo L.

Managing Director


Pat L.

Head Pattern Maker


Gilna D.R.

Executive Secretary 

We Manufacture Swimwear and more!