Starting a business in the clothing industry typically involves several key steps, including market research, developing a business plan, securing financing, and finding reliable suppliers and manufacturers. It’s also important to establish a strong brand identity, build a network of industry contacts, and stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. Seeking advice and guidance from experienced professionals and organizations can also be helpful in navigating the complexities of the industry and setting yourself up for success.

Here’s steps taken in Product Development to proceed with the first step.

Conceptualization: This involves developing a concept or idea for a new clothing product, which could be based on market research, fashion trends, or creative inspiration.


Design: Once the concept has been developed, it’s important to create detailed designs that specify the look, feel, and functionality of the product. This can involve creating sketches, technical drawings, or even 3D models.


Material and Fabric Selection: Selecting the right materials and fabrics for the product is critical to ensuring its quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. This can involve researching and sourcing materials from a variety of suppliers.


Pattern Making: The next step is to create a pattern that serves as the blueprint for the final product. This typically involves creating a prototype or sample version of the product to test and refine.


Sample Making and Revision: Once the pattern has been created, a sample of the product is made and tested for fit, function, and aesthetic appeal. Revisions are made as needed to refine the product and ensure it meets the desired specifications.


Pre-Production: Once the sample has been approved, the product is ready for pre-production. This involves sourcing the necessary materials, creating a production plan, and establishing quality control measures. Price per piece is then determined.

Yes, at GCEI we specialize in creating and producing custom designs tailored to the specific needs and wants of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality garments that meet our clients’ unique specifications and requirements.

Product Development Samples: 3 – 4 weeks*

Full Cycle of Product Development: 1 – 2 months*

Yes, at GCEI we prioritize ethical operations and practices. This includes providing air-conditioned workplaces, fair wages, and ensuring that all aspects of our production processes adhere to ethical and sustainable standards. We take pride in being a responsible and socially conscious company, and strive to make a positive impact on our employees, clients, and the environment.

At GCEI, our payment terms are 70% deposit and 30% payment before delivery. This is because all the necessary materials and labor are provided by us upfront, and we require a deposit to cover these costs. We ensure that our payment terms are fair and transparent, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand and are comfortable with the payment process.

If you require a specific fabric that is not currently in-house, we can assist you in sourcing it. We will make the purchase on your behalf, but it must be pre-paid 100% by you before the purchase. When you use the fabric in production, we will deduct the value of the fabric used against the production as a pre-paid credit. If you choose to save some fabric, that is left in our warehouse for future orders

No, bulk production is not a must when starting product development with GCEI. However, GCEI can assist in preparing your designs for bulk production and you own the patterns for future orders if you choose to move forward with bulk production at a later time.

Yes, if you’ve purchased photoshoot samples before or during bulk production then you will be offered 3 Hours free to use the studio in our facility.