What is Product Development(PD)?

If you’re new to collaborating with a manufacturer like GCEI then you most certainly have to know that we have to go through Developing your style or design. This is to ensure that each piece goes off our production line without a hitch. Accuracy and Efficiency with each piece produced to keep that high standard of quality.

This is the first step in creating your desired designs and involves numerous processes that we all do in house seamlessly, here we’ve set up a team to collaborate with you to conceptualize your designs and bring them to reality, preparing to mass produce your designs for everyone to enjoy.

What comes with the PD package and what are the deliverables?

The main deliverables created during the PD process include:

  • Creative and Technical Designs
  • Fabrics and Trims Selected
  • Specification Measurements
  • Prototype Sample/s Reviewed and Approved for Production
  • Graded Sizes
  • Paper Pattern piece of selected size

What’s the value in settling for the PD package?

Possibly the most important reason to have a tech pack is for security.

We as a manufacturer is bound by what is in the PD package, it is your Blue print of the design and we, as your builders follow each and every detail. With these set of documents, we can accurately create hundreds and if not thousands of the same piece.