Manufacturing Process

New to having your garments produced by a manufacturer like GCEI? here are some key information you can definitely use. Please use these information to to help you understand how garment manufacturing works.

It all starts with Designing your product with drawings, sketches or maybe you already have a garment in hand that you want modified.

After receiving your designs we can now move into Developing your product by means of settling a Development(Tech Pack) fee per Style. The Tech Pack will serve as a Blue Print to your design and a basis to producing your designs with less time and less materials.

The Tech Pack will include the technical information to have your garments produced.
It will include the following:
• Design Sheet: Full details of the style, trim and construction notes
• Pitch Sheet Fabric Color Ways in actual fabric print and color
• Pattern Design Pattern parts of the garment design
• Sample Evaluation: Review on design, pattern, construction, fitting and quality
• Making Actual Sample: Actual Sample in actual fabric after final revisions
• Pattern Marker: Actual pattern in a marker ready for cutting.
• Size Specs: Size Specs includes grading for all sizes in all points of measurement.
• One piece actual sample of desired size

Choosing the right color for your design is necessary as well as deciding on the size variations that you think would sell more in your desired market.

We however have concerns regarding the fabrics, trims, labels, buttons and zippers you want used. Our in-house fabrics are only meant for swimwear and our supplies of buckles and accessories are limited.

Now that we have more technical information about your design you would now want to see your design brought to life but before we go ahead and make a sample we need to go through Pattern Making. A pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled. Our Pattern Makers are equipped with the most innovative machines and software that lessens the amount of fabric used meaning Less wastage and Less Cost.

Order quantity will play a major role in cost per piece. Prices will depend on the amount of fabrics used and complexity of the design after having it developed. After having your product developed we know you want your product made in various sizes so it is then pushed thru Pattern Grading where we can get the sample produced in the sizes you specified.

Now that we have the patterns and your desired fabric, it is then sent to Cutting where our specialist is equipped with industrial machinery for larger orders.

After we have the cut goods they can now be assembled in our Production line where we sew all of them together, attach the labels, fit in all the straps, place all the trims and what not.

Each item is then meticulously inspected by Quality Control making sure everything from the fabric quality down to the thread.

In your convenient time, please ask us if you have anymore questions.