Swimwear Product Development

If you’re new to collaborating with a manufacturer like GCEI then you most certainly have to know that we have to go through Developing you style/design first. Here in this page we will discuss what Developing your Product is all about and why it is so vital when having your swimwear manufactured.

Inspiration can come at you at any moment but to bring your designs into reality is not an easy walk in the park and it takes time and effort. That’s where GCEI can help you out, our team of professionals will help you in achieving your vision. During the process of manufacturing your swimwear, factories like GCEI needs to know everything about the design you’ve made to ensure accuracy. GCEI is a one stop shop taking away all the frustrations in the development part of the manufacturing process of your garment. All the accumulated information about your garment is put into a Technical Packet (Tech Pack), along with the size Grading, Pattern Making, and Sample making.

Efficient method of communication: Just like an engineer to blue prints a designer would need a Tech Pack. A Tech Pack is not only a set of documents you have to get before having your garments produced it also helps communicate all the specific details in producing your garments to any garment factory out there around the world.

Careful Planning: It is composed of all the information a manufacturer like GCEI would need to bring your design into reality. To have a Tech Pack means you have carefully planned the creation of your design, it will reduce cost, errors and frustrations in communicating what your really have envisioned.

Accurate pricing: It gives you as a client an upper hand when getting a price quotation since the contents of Tech Pack includes the consumption of materials.

Allocation of Manpower: A Tech Pack will enable us as a manufacturer to estimate the amount of materials, amount of time and number of manpower to manufacture your designs which would result to less time and fewer materials wasted.

Garment Prototype: As you all probably know by now, GCEI is one stop shop where the Tech Pack comes along with a garment prototype to test for fit, functionality, feedback and style in your base size.

The risks without going through Product Development: Making a garment without creating a Tech Pack, Gradings, Patterns and Sample is like building a house without its foundation and throwing in all the materials, hiring all the carpenters and technicians without a basic plan or blue print and expecting it to turn out the way you envisioned it while risking all the time and money you spent.

As you probably already know by now, a production line to run your garment is expensive and when you’re just starting out a business you can’t afford to lose money. Save yourself from the frustrations and let us create you a Tech Pack. It’s worth it.

Here at GCEI we are supplied with the most innovative and advanced software to create quality swimwear by going through our Product Development. Just show us your designs, as easy as that! and we’ll begin to collaborate with you in bringing your design to life!