From Design to Bulk Production Process.

Making your very own swimwear brand just got a lot easier, with our seamless production process, the daunting task of producing garments just got easier, partnering with us is easily the best decision you’ll ever make. With our long experience in producing high standard garments you will surely set yourself apart and standout in the swimwear clothing industry.

Developing a Concept

We will coordinate with you and go over your sketches, screenshots, reference product or other type of mockup in detail. It’s important to get it right from the beginning before sample making and bulk production.

Creating a Tech Pack

Creating a Tech Pack is the Holy Grail when it comes to producing garments with manufacturers, it is your basis and reference, it is your blue print to the design, like a Mother and the many pieces to be produced from it, is its children. It is your safe guard to let any manufacturer know that your designs are meant to be just the way it is presented in the techpacks.

Techpacks will be provided to you upon purchase of Product Development. This will be presented to you for approval before sampling.


Hold your custom swimwear design in your hands. Have the sample made in your size to get a better feel.


When beginning your buyers journey nothing is more important than knowing how much sampling, product development and pieces costs. You will encounter two separate fees that need to be considered. First is the Product Development which is the whole concept, tech pack, pattern making, pricing and sampling process and then 2nd would be the Production bulk/wholesale cost.

Bulk Production

After developing your tech pack and sample, you are ready to proceed to the bulk production phase. By integrating your swimwear design into our production line at our factory, we assure a quick and seamless production.

oh and if you need Photoshoot pieces to be produced while your bulk production pieces are being made, please let us know! this will surely help in gathering hype/clout even before your pieces are produced.

Quality Control and Packing

You can rest assured that you will receive a perfect swimwear wholesale product. Each production batch is checked in detail for any potential issues. You can be certain that you have a unique product that you and your customers can enjoy wearing.

Do the Production with us and we’ll throw in our services to pack your finished goods in the packaging that you will supply.

Quality Results

Our goal is to create your desired designs accurately and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. Innovations within the company never stop, we take pride in giving quality products and exceptional customer service every single day.


The Production line team at GCEI work as a team to exceed each of our clients’ expectations. We have over decades of experience in producing high standard garments.